08/12/20 - posted by John Martini
Went out to Louis' and the Cliff House last week. Dreary day, weary visit. Everything is shut down, sign in Louis' reads "Closed Forever." Graffiti stating to appear on CH and the Lookout. A few windblown tourists wandering along Point Lobos Ave, looking for something - anything - to do. Only Ocean Beach was full of surfer life and die-hard dog walkers and joggers.

Quick bit of Louis' trivia: it nearly burned down in 1948 when the adjacent streetcar depot burned, then again in 1966 when Sutro Baths burned. Lore has it that Louis’ incorporates part of Sutro Baths (namely, the old enclosed pedestrian entrance), but when I interviewed Jim Hontalas he told me the building has been rebuilt so many times that nothing above street level is historic. Maybe part of the concrete foundation but that's all.
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