06/17/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Hey Angus and Ichabod;

While you're walking the neighborhood and enjoying the history posters keep your eyes peeled and 'watch your Six'.

Fourteen years ago you posted "Our Wild Kingdom" about the coyotes you've encountered on your walks.,0#msgtitle

Since that time the city's natural world has flourished. There's been increasing observations of humpback whales feeding in the bay and an instance where a great white shark grabbed a sea lion near the passenger dock at Alcatraz. Now 'the big cat' is back. This is the fourth or fifth sighting of a juvenile mountain lion (felis concolor) roaming San Francisco streets and parks in the last six years. Wouldn't worry much, that cat is way less a threat than a dip into the rip-tide cold surf at Ocean Beach or crossing without looking in front of a Muni bus or streetcar.

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