Re: The Sixties Strike Again

06/02/20 - posted by Paul Judge

This is an extremely painful and familiar time. Again, our nation is reminded of the historical legacy of systemic injustice and ingrained racial inequality. At a time when leaders of political and social institutions are most needed some are AWOL, running from the responsibility to remind us of our common bonds and to attempt to heal and unify us as a people. All of this amidst a deadly pandemic that has us confronting daunting public health and deep economic challenges. Doubt, fear, rage, indifference, apathy, exhaustion, these are not remedies.
What is needed is exactly the opposite. We need to calm ourselves; we need to humbly listen; we need to draw on the strength of values and experiences our elders and previous generations applied to constructing the Lincolnesque promise that is this country’s and the world’s best hope for humanity.

Below are assignments (articles, podcasts, videos) that my colleague Sunny Galbraith put together for her high school students (US & World History, Government, Econ) over the years that have sparked really good discussions with students. They contain great articles for adults and teens alike and could be good conversation starters/ family study topics with our older children. She especially likes the excellent articles from 1619 Project special edition of the New York Times Magazine from last August. I am particularly impressed by Trevor Noah's comments. Growing up under apartheid in South Africa he is a comedian and astute political commentator.

1619 Project assignment

1619 Podcast

The Plantation and Roots of American Capitalism

The New Jim Crow (good for this moment: talks about injustices, racism in the US criminal justice system)

Examining Privilege and Bias

Trevor Noah on George Floyd, the Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper

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