Re: The SixtiesStrike Again

06/01/20 - posted by jb

Very moving, Angus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective. What we witnessed today reminded me of Nixon and the Kent State murders but somehow more startling. At that time, seeing Americans murdered by Americans brought out countless San Franciscans to protest and stand up for what was right.

I’m not sure if age has made my memories fade or brought me closer to a time limit on my ability to actively protest what is unjust. After what we saw today, Americans fired on by Americans to create a cover-up photo-op for one man’s inadequacies, is about as horrendous an act as I can recall; reprehensible and non-forgivable.
While there is no excuse for those who loot and destroy under the cover of National angst and mourning, the greater travesty resides in the lack and misdirection of elected representatives to preserve and safeguard our lives and our Constitution.

I pray we outlive these trying times and relinquish this National nightmare to the realm of history, where many will be judged most severely and our Republic will stand stronger for having survived this assault against our freedoms and our very lives.

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