Re: The SixtiesStrike Again

06/01/20 - posted by Angus Macfarflane

I don't see your duplicate posts as a stutter but as a "here we go again" statement. In the 60s issues were complex and complicated, but the responses were for the most part honest and sincere. End an unjust war, end racism, end inequality. I recall hearing/reading about a reporter in LA during the Watts riots approaching a young black male saying "I've watched you for ten minutes and you haven't done anything. How about throwing a rock so I can film you?"

The moment and the movement can be so easily coopted and distorted and the message is lost in the flames and ashes created by both frustrated victims and opportunistic anarchists.

In 2008 I literally cried as I voted for Obama. "Finally there will be light again". I'm literally crying again because the darkness is back.

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