Re: WNP OpenSFHistory, Taking it to the Streets

06/06/20 - posted by Paul Judge

It’s heartening to see that OpenSFHistory’s Guerrilla History Project is being embraced and capturing people's imagination.

A while ago on another website I posted a photograph of a weathered neighborhood telephone pole. The image demonstrated the adage of a ‘thousand words’. The surface of this wood pole was densely packed with rusted staples, bent nails and thumb tacks. It looked as punctured and scarred as a veteran gothic punk rocker at the end of a concert tour. Accompanying that photo, I wrote:

Let us now praise A) venerable staplers and B) ubiquitous wood utility poles. Oh, heck we may as well also credit offset printing or at minimum photocopy machines, too. Why? Because they composed the ‘net neutral’ community bulletin boards of the pre Cyber-Net Age. Without such fasteners as staplers and adhesive tap consider how we would have found out about garage & bake sales, dances at the “Y” or the local church social hall, the next big concert at the Family Dog or the Fillmore, drag races at Half Moon Bay or Cotati Raceway, that shag carpet and smelly couch your college roommate dragged home, etc.. Next time you walk a neighborhood hunt around looking for aged utility poles adorned with rusty staples, thumb tacks and nails. Like many of us still standing they’ve weathered time and retained some use.

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