Re: Once Again: Decoration/Memorial Day

05/25/20 - posted by jb

Beautiful, meaningful and moving, Candis on a day when many aren’t moving and choose to stay safe in the midst of the pandemic. This is not the Mumps and Measles we wore with pride for two-weeks in our youth. This is more a Stephen King novel writing itself, unabridged, using the blood of 100,000 for its endless supply of ink. We will get through this but changed beyond what we’ve dreamed imaginable. The beaches in our backyard are now Petri dishes, filled with folks breaking ranks, breaking rules, breaking records, pouring over on our Monterey shores like a Mayan sacrifice. Mask-less, careless, rude, as if chaos were the cure and crawling over others to obtain it only added to its efficacy. Ashamed and fearful, we drive by. There is no escaping mob mentality when it moves towards critical mass; the fallout seen and felt all over. This is not the age when a bus seat is given up to one in more need; this is the age where one commandeers the bus and races up a wrong-way street to the cheers of rebels with no true cause: Dying for America is now a fast game of Russian roulette and many are filling our parks, our sidewalks and their magazines. The tension tightens, drawing us backwards towards Manassas when pride and prejudice donned different hats and colors to face off in a war of divisiveness; a cultural crash that would bring our Nation to its knees. I need to ask if we are here once more. I need to ask if flirting with the death of myself and countless others is worth a small patch of sand on the day we honor our many fallen?

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