Once Again: Decoration/Memorial Day

05/25/20 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut - impressclx<at>comcast.com

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Nice day off, IF with pay. Malls closed, large gatherings
forbidden/illegal this year. Visiting graveyards discouraged.

On this site we can honor memories of our own gone:

Frank Grant, our original Vet
Rosie, who might have memories of 1918 flu
Will C.'s memories of what is now called " Midcentury"
Delightful and always pleasant Karyn
Historian and my classmate Paul

We remember you, so you live a bit longer as time slows down.
Maybe, with reflection, we will now observe this day for the original purpose.

Life is a precious gift. Expiration date is limited but unknown.

GOD, Creator and Ruler of this and all universes, thank you for so many unique friends in our lives. Thank you for another day of life. Please, today, let our families and friends know we have not forgotten them. Somehow, help us to work for eternal peace, so there will be no war forever, and our brave defenders who died for our country did not die in vain.

Remember. 25 May 2020

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