Re: It is Quiet

04/16/20 - posted by Dave L.

It is a strange time to be alive.

Usually, things here in Florida are so very different from SF, but I can report much the same sort of activity (or lack thereof) these days. It took awhile for Florididans to fall in line with the new rules (enforcement of any rules or laws in this state traditionally has been spotty, at best).

My employer declared that it provides an essential service, but that's simply not true, and all of our competitors did close. I suppose I should be grateful that I'm still receiving a paycheck, but I worry about my co-workers who are still going to the office daily. For the first two weeks of the stay-at-home order I went in two days a week, but the combination of being over 60 and a recent cancer survivor got me spooked enough to bail. I'm working from home, despite the fact that much of my work is impossible without my office library. I'm doing what I can to feel useful, but most of it seems like pointless busywork.

Stay well...

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