Re: It is Quiet

04/23/20 - posted by Mary-Ann

Paul, 'Earth Abides" is one of my all time favorites and has a permanent spot on my bookshelf. Another good one is "The Dog Stars" by Peter Sellers. I'm forever thankful for books, especially these past few months.

Tim, I hope your plans to move west work out for you two. So very many plans and intentions have been affected = Yes, "It is what It is" = also one of my daughter's favorites sayings.

jb, It's a real bummer to go through health and healing problems - and now, shut in our homes. You are so lucky to have each other.
Thanks for the brief lesson in science. Yes, an answer will be found for all of this. So we will hang in there and wait this out somehow.

I get out with my walker two or three times a week - love the sunshine. I walk up to the corner and cross the street where there is a little more shade and roll back home. There are always a few other walkers or neighbors working in their yards. And there is an abundance of cars parked on driveways and on the street. Have you noticed, the sky is clearer and the air is cleaner! Breathe!

Love to all...

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