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04/21/20 - posted by Paul Judge

A few weeks back Carl Nolte in his Sunday Native Son column in the SF Chronicle referenced a novel with a pandemic of similar impact as London’s Scarlet Plague.
“Earth Abides,” by George R. Stewart. ‘People come and go, but Earth abides’
Carl Nolte March 21, 2020

Stewart was a writer with a historic perspective and compelling power, fusing natural forces confronting the hubris of humans and society. Introduced to his novels by my dad they made an impression on me in my youth. “Ordeal by Hunger” about the ill-fated Donner Party trapped in the Sierra 1846. The novel “Storm”, featuring as its protagonist a Pacific storm that clobbers California and “Fire” about natural forces and humans in conflict. Just as one views the films of the 30s, 40s, 50s, or any era, as pinned to and stuck in a perspective of their period it is easy to find fault in what they aren’t. Jack London’s work endures even though one may tire of his racialist overtones of superiority. The value of these authors is what they brought to the readership of the time, a wider range of perspective in which to consider deeds, facts and values.

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