Re: It is Quiet

04/14/20 - posted by jb

Good topic, Paul. I’ve been on lock-down since January due to a diabetic foot surgery now healing. Given I’m an introverted misanthrope, this is not a radical departure :-)
But I digress...
I miss being able to go anyplace. I miss going to eateries where it’s like dining with friends. And just dining with friends.
Zoom is a useful tool for everything from Rotary meetings to Happy Hour with friends in 4 states.
Shortcake married me for better of worse...but not for lunch. She is needing to be point-person on all our errands and deserves a Nobel Prize in Partner.

I’m a worrier by nature and come by it honestly. And this situation concerns me more than any other time I can recall. I am comforted and impressed with Gov. Newsome and glad we’re in California; Monterey is on strict lockdown but the natives a getting restless according to postings.

My science background tells me this will be with us till all have antibodies either by infection or vaccination. Let’s hope this is the class where I get the D-

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