It is Quiet

04/14/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Into the fifth week of 'Sheltering in Place'

It is Quieter
Reduced vehicle traffic on the streets
Far fewer sirens of emergency vehicles responding to vehicle accidents or public emergency
Diminished commercial airline traffic overhead
Cleaner air and skies
Aware of songs, chirps and squawks of many birds
Neighbors performing home improvements or chores
Appropriately distanced sidewalk, balcony, back fence conversations
Children riding bikes, skateboarding, drawing chalk designs and playing ball on streets
Hardly any Robo-Calls from nuisance scammers and bogus sales pitchers (Time will tell what'll be pitched next)
All this imposed time on our hands, how to use it

What do you notice during this 2020 Pandemic 'Shelter in Place' public safety period?

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