Re: China Beach building

03/29/20 - posted by Paul Judge

CK, please excuse the incorrect title attached to my previous post. Mustered the following from some of the 'usual associates' of this message board.

“One story of interest is when the building was constructed, the sign above referred to the beach as the James D. Phelan Beach after the former Mayor of San Francisco and California Senator. As it was not a community based decision that was well received. The resistance was almost immediately evident when Phelan’s name was painted over and in large green paint, the word China Beach was written.” -- Jim Gallagher

“I went there in the late 50's early 60's. It had the upper level where the bathing beauties sunned and the fellows pumped iron. I believe the lower level had a snack bar. As I remember it also had a changing room.” -- Ray Shanahan

As suggested by John Martini, there are a couple of photos found online among the SF Public Library Historical Photograph Collection

"Bulldozers plowing China Beach at the end of Sea Cliff Avenue"

"Beach house at James D. Phelan State Park, dedicated August 1954"

Searching ‘China Beach’ 7 other photos come up that portray the area prior to development.

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