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03/21/20 - posted by jb

Hi John. Good to hear from you.
My recollection of the polio vaccine takes me back to Fernando Riviera and also outside on West Portal Ave (Chime in Franky) around 1959. How do I recall? Because there was a Safeway there and after the vaccination, I received my first edition of the Golden-book Encyclopedia (yes, I still use the Mickey Mouse Club Nemonic)
So that had to be 1959 and was either Salk, Sabin or Flu.
Given the oral Salk Vaccine was licensed in 1962, that must have been the FR line-up. I think the school was built in 1960, where I was the in first 5th grade class.

Well, regretfully that’s all I can recall but if you want to know anything from Aardvark to Zebra, I’m your man.


PS: i do recall having to walk through cement pools of treated water at Johnson’s Bath House in Boyes Hot Springs from 1955-1962 to prevent polio as you entered the pools. Some preventative, the athletes foot from the showers was horrendous. I can still smell the Absorbine Jr and feel its fiery sting.

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