Re: In case of an attack...

03/20/20 - posted by John Martini

JB, you and I may share a common memory: lining up outside Fernando Rivera school in Westlake to take the oral polio vaccine. (It was administered on a sugar cube, so must have been Sabin's live-virus, oral polio vaccine.) A long line of parents and children had lined up outside the school, waiting for their turn to ingest a sugar cube administered in a tiny paper cup.

I recall the media buildup to the vaccine's distribution, which I believe was a mass medical event held around the country. I too had grown up with a fear of polio, even though I'd been administered the earlier Salk vaccine, but had been impacted by the terrifying images of little kids on iron lungs. Standing in line that day, I remember thinking how amazing it was that the scourge of polio would be totally eliminated in one day.

I gulped my sugar cube and thought, "is that it?"

I've searched for the exact date, but can't find it. Anyone else remember?

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