Re: In case of an attack...

04/18/20 - posted by Steve

Well, now I live in New Jersey at the center of all this, so we all just wear masks and gloves and do the social distancing. Most businesses are closed. I know only one person who has actually had the virus. He has recovered. I think it is more unnerving for people in NYC who live in small apartments with little to do at home.

I remember all of the issues with childhood diseases and danger of attack in SF in the 50s and early 60s, so these memories are surely the same as other folks's recollections. One warning I remember, not sure why, was to keep the car at least half full of gas in case we had to evacuate. Then there were the AM radios marked at 640 and 1240 for emergency frequencies, and the JFK address on the Cuban missile crisis.

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