Re: In case of an attack...

03/25/20 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr

When the vaccine for Polio was first made available to all in San Francisco, it was in a public building downtown - I forget exactly where. My husband and I with our year old little boy wasted no time in joining the line of fellow citizens to get our shots. I remember being worried about the baby wailing and crying when he got his, but the little guy took it like a man without a peep. I thought to myself, " I'll bet he made a lot of people feel a whole lot less nervous." I only know how thankful we felt to not have such fear and worry about that terrible disease.

The late '50s was also the time of the Cold War and fear of Russia's ability to drop an atom bomb on our country was very real. Underground shelters were being built - if you had the money. What would we do if San Francisco was the target. What if we were supposed to evacuate?

I remember one time, standing at the kitchen sink, doing the dishes, wondering about how in the world the whole city of S F could get in their cars and actually make it out of their town? The whole place would turn into a traffic jam...And then, what if Bob was at work and I was home with no car, a baby and a dog?...Put the baby in the buggy, stuff some food, dog food, diapers, blankets in there, too, and start walking south on the Great Highway - and how ludicrous and impossible. There was no way to get away.

The times did get better - it took a while. The '50s and '60s - between the new generation, the race to the moon, the many other problems going on during those years we managed to make many good memories, too.

Take care of yourselves, stay in and stay well. We will make it through.

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