Re: In case of an attack...

03/19/20 - posted by Myron Tessler

In the late 40's I remember, when I was around 10 years old, I was scared all the time as this was at the height of the polio epidemic. Two of my cousins developed the disease and all I could think about was When I would get it too. The worst child horror was the Iron Lung. Polio victims, inside a full body ventilator, with a mirror on top so they could see their Mom, was as scary as it could get for a 10 year old.

On the occasional drive up 19th Avenue, as we passed the Shriner"s Hospital, it was difficult to look as parents were lined up against the windows with their faces and hands pressed against the glass to see their quarantined children in their Iron Lungs. This is a time for parents to discuss the current situation with their children and put it into a perspective the child will understand. Not to do so may affect the child for years to come.

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