In case of an attack...

03/19/20 - posted by jb

Responding to a CD^ Radio call from Paul Judge.

All this recent radical change in routine, isolation, mixed-messages and a palpable paranoia reminds me of those Cold-War daze of yore when our desk was our bunker, busses were ready to take us to parts unknown and our parents might be MIA. That poster-child little kid with a Russian general uniform and a Charlie Brown hair cut who was going to bury us, looked like he didn't need to ask “mother may I.”

We went through some very scary times and still managed to defeat polio, put a man in orbit and bring the NY Giants to Seal’s Stadium. Seems we had more than ‘grace under fire’...we had fire in the belly, stockpiling courage rather than commodities; kindness rather than consumption.

Perhaps it is my want to romanticize those times, constructing an emotional bunker in which to sit out what will surely be lengthy and bring forth the best and worse of human nature. I have a gut feeling JFK would have had a better handle on all this. But I digress...

Do any of you care to share how you perceived and coped with this earlier existential threat and how are you coping now? If nothing else, might feel good to check in and touch base with old friends and neighbors here. Lord knows we all now have the time,

Cheers and comfort to you and yours,

PS: Home hanging out with Shortcake who married me “for better or worse” but not for lunch. Been nursing a foot surgery for weeks already and, given my introverted misanthropy, I can do isolation standing on my head so long as our dogs quit eating the Scrabble tiles.

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