Re: newer developments in the sunset

12/31/19 - posted by Barry Wertz

The first ten years of my life we lived at 1415 45th ave..on corner of Judah. The late 40's on the vacant sand lot across from us, they erected a new super- duper- ultra- modern Flying "A" gas station. Grand opening night was a spectacular event equal to " The Oscars Celebration." They had three giant searchlights beaming the location to the known world...(Sunset). One of the lights caught fire and the firehouse down the block arrived in minutes. This added to the excitement of the opening festivities...Toys and trinkets for everyone...wonderful stuff.
1951 we moved to the 2300 block 38th ave. Just across the Taraval tracks south on 38th was the Ulloa Elimentary School site. Always seemed to be a temporary facility consisting of portable/shack type classrooms.
Passed by every day on my to and from St.Gabriels' school...Class of '56.

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