10/23/04 - posted by Roy Thomas
Re: Harry Levy & radio nostalgia.......Remember independent station KJBS? It was a tiny one floor stucco structure straddled by it's transmitter tower....on the north side of (Bush?) or (Pine?) between Van Ness & Polk. For years it was the only station in town with a classical music hour nightly from 10:00 till 11:00. The theme music was the lullaby from a Rimsky-Korsakov opera...(Coq D'or?) or (Sadko?) The dial ran more or less from bottom-to-top..KSFO,KFRC,KPO,KQW,KGO,KLX,KROW,KJBS,KYA,KSAN, (with a lot of "foreign stations in between") Oh!, for the good 'ole days...............
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