10/10/04 - posted by Harry Levy
"I Love A Mystery" ......WoW! that sure brings back memories, which, of course includes One Man's Family and the Sky Ranch, MOther Barber, etc. etc. What brought me to this email was remembering one of the lead characters in I Love A Mystery.....Eddy Firestone Jr., who, I believe did much for local radio, remembering the "Red and Blue" networks, KGO and KPO. Boy am I on a Roll.. Also KFI radio tower on top of I believe, Cadillac Agency on Van Ness Ave. Of course it was an LA station, and I never thought to figure out why it was here??? Looking back, radio was my best friend. Being an only child and depression baby, I found so much comfort in the radio. Remember Vic and Sade? and of course MISTER ALLLLLLLLLLEN!!
Portland Hoffer of the Fred Allen Show. Allen's Alley, with Senator Claghorn, Mr Whipple (sighhh) and of course looking out the window.....Mrs. Neusbaum. They don't build them like that anymore............ Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, on and on. We were so fortunate to have grown up in an era that provided so much entertainment and also be able to develope and fine tune our imagination.... who would ever forget the creaking door of Inner Sanctum...or Jack Benny's moat.....and the alligators, with his creaking door
where he stored his money.........ha ha....on and on and on.
time to say adeau (sic) enjoyed traveling back to the days of my youth....hopefully it rubbed off on others
Other parts of growing up shared at another time...working for Adolph Sutro and Whitney Bros...at the beach....
etc. etc. etc. Chau!!
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