10/09/04 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke
I remember "Let's Pretend" and a few others as well, but the passage of time has made it increasingly difficult to recollect precisely. There was one show that opened up with " There's No School Today ! " which was always a cheerful way to start theweekend. And one show starred Smilin' Ed, Midnight the Cat and Froggy the Gremlin. There was also Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders. One that featured the Tuaregs in the desert somewhere. Big John and Sparky the Cincinnati Pig?
In the evening, with respect to memorable opening lines, there was, "Henry, Henry Aldrich ! ". And on about ten pm there was a 15 minute show, which may have been written by Carlton E. Morse, called " I Love A Mystery" starring Jack, Doc and Reggie. And does anyone remember the " Red Blanchard Show" broadcast from the Palace Hotel and sponsored by Belfast Old Fashioned Mug Root Beer" ?
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