10/01/04 - posted by Richard Sense
What do Sam Spade, Candy Matson and One Man's Family have in common? They were all old time radio broadcasts (1940's and 50's) with stories set against the background of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Would you like to hear them again? There are three places on the Internet where you can buy MP3 disks, each for only $5 or less, that have up to 68 programs per disk. They also have hundreds of other radio shows. Contact: otrcat.com; yourradioshows.com; and dadsotr.com. Good listening!

Do you remember a radio program called "Quiz of Two Cities?" Contestants in San Francisco and Los Angeles competed for cash prizes. In the early 40's there was a Sunday morning broadcast called "This is Your Home" with wonderfully told stories about the early history of San Francisco. What programs do you recall?

By the way, "Ah ah. ah, don't touch that dial," was part of the introduction to the "Blondie and Dagwood Show"
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