Re: 57 quake

06/18/19 - posted by Jim Heiser

I was taking a spelling test at Mark Twain (Now Sunset Elementary), our teacher was absent and we had a sub. I recall the lights (round fixtures) in the ceiling swinging back and forth, and all the kids looking around. No one cried or screamed, and the sub didn't say a word.

I recall looking to the girl on my right, and saying as the quake went on, that it felt like the roller coaster at Playland.

When the shaking stopped, the teacher called out the next word; later that day my sister who was in Jr. Hi (Giannini) said that night that her class and all the classes were let out to the play area for over an hour (I was very upset that we didn't get the same treatment).

My Dad (Court Reporter) and my Grandfather (Court Clerk) were with the judge (Judge Golden) at the City Hall. They were on recess in the judge's chamber; both the Judge and my Grandfather had experienced the quake of 1906 as children.

My dad said they were looking out the window and the pillars on the building across the street were moving, and one of the others said something to the effect this is nothing like '06.

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