57 quake

03/31/19 - posted by BILL MCCUBBIN

I remember we were passing between classes at lunch time. Probably between 4th or 5th period. I was on the third floor at Lincoln High on 24th Ave.
The building started to rumble and in looking down the hall, I could see the building swaying back and forth. Yikes. People were screaming and running and bumping into each other. As most of the lockers in the hall were open with students getting what they needed for the next period, doors were swinging out and back and slamming.
I headed for the stairs and headed down. Kids were hanging on to the railings and stumbling down the stairs. Not many were heading up.
I had an afternoon English class out in one of the bungalows with a cute blond teacher named Ms. Thomas. (all the guys had crushes on her.....well I know I did anyway) Everytime there was an aftershock, Ms.Thomas would bolt up out of her seat and become very stressed. She was really nervous that day. We found it kind of humorous as most of us felt the big one was over.

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