Re: Merry Christmas

12/22/18 - posted by Tim Dineen

Merry Christmas backatcha!

It will be a quiet Christmas back here in Pennsylvania. Victor's mom will no longer get into the car for a 90 minute drive to her daughter's, so while the rest of the family noisily celebrates, we'll get the quieter end of the deal. :)

I bought frozen Dungeness Crab from the local fishmonger to make Crab Cioppino for the Feast of the Seven Fish - La Vigilia, as it's known in Southern Italy. The celebration has it's founding in the Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on Christmas Eve leading up to midnight and Christmas - and is still very popular in the mid-Atlantic Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York areas. Leave it to the Italians to turn a day of abstinence into a feast!

2019 is looking good, already. One of my nephews is getting married, it's our 25th Anniversary, and we're planning Thanksgiving in Portland with my family!

2018 has seen us both drop more than 40 pounds each - and lots of gym time to make up for all of the years we ate and smoked with the most exercise being putting fork to mouth.

Retirement has been good to me!

So happiest of holidays to everyone and here's to a fun-filled 2019!


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