Re: Streetwise: Jingle All the Way by Frank Dunnigan December 2018

12/13/18 - posted by jb

Wonderful walk down Jinglebell Lane, Frank, reviving sounds, sights and smells from the ghosts of Christmas’ passed, running the Lionel full speed down the tracks of times gone by. I can smell the Bourbon and feel the salty spiced Chex Mix as my aunt yells “use a napkin.”
I can hear the roar and smell the electrified grease from the Emporium Roof Rides, an annual pilgrimage with my Irish Uncle Tom.

Christmas hasn’t aged well, at least in my world view, and one needs to really seek it out. You remind me it resides in one’s heart, between that shiny new bike and those bright lights blinking up and down our coronary avenues.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,

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