Re: Streetwise: Jingle All the Way by Frank Dunnigan December 2018

12/13/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Frank, even before Vatican II my parents showed an elastic tolerance of sorts. They didn’t object when my younger sister and I supplemented our family Nativity scene beneath the Christmas tree with furniture from her dollhouse and my toy army soldiers and jeeps. As kids we felt Jesus, Mary and Joseph deserved an upgrade and protection to their accommodations. The plaster figurines already showed wear and tear from previous years of play by our older siblings. The only stipulation was that by Christmas Eve the Nativity scene had to be returned to the cast described in the Gospels of Mathew and Luke with JMJ, livestock, shepherd boy, angel(s) etc.. Typically by New Year’s Eve the scene was augmented with newer furnishings and cast members that we’d received over Christmas.

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