Re: 7 December 1941

12/08/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Of the recollections and accounts following the attack that I heard from my elders one that stood out in particular was their empathy for the members of the National Guard called up to protect the Golden Gate Bridge. They said guards were posted along the bridge walkway and approaches to the span for long periods apparently without relief. Sentries stood exposed to the damp bitter ocean winds dressed in trench coats, doughboy helmets and rifles left over from the Great War. Like many people along the West Coast those sentries had to wonder if they’d be faced with the Japanese fleet approaching over the horizon.

Over the years many posts and remembrances of the that sudden and frightening start of the war are recorded here on the WNP community message board. To browse the collection use the Search Messages window and type "December 7, 1941” or “Pearl Harbor”.

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