Re: Spinning Tops Games

11/30/18 - posted by Myron Tessler

While the general topic is tops, it has morphed to a discussion on yo-yo's. Duncan certainly was the 800lb gorilla in the yo-yo world, but it was not the only player. Cherrio, out of Canada, gave them a "spin" for their money by having their experts come out to schools and theaters in the Richmond District during the late 40's. In fact, I was a local Cherrio Champion- a level earned on the stage of the Balboa theater in 1949. My reward was a yellow sleeveless sweater with a big Canadian Maple Leaf smack in the middle of the sweater chest that proclaimed me a Cheerio Yo-Yo Champion (like it just happened yesterday). As with all good toys, they were made of wood with a beautiful coat of lacquer.

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