Re: Spinning Tops Games

11/21/18 - posted by ken l

John mentioned Duncon tops and yo-yos- -
About 1940, a Duncon 3-man "pro" team came to Alamo schoolyard at lunchtime to make a 10 minute demonstration. As the lead man started to talk about the merits of Duncon yo-yos, he nodded to his cohort who slung his yo-yo down into "sleep" mode. After about a minutes' talking he nodded again, and the cohort flicked his finger and the yo-yo ascended back to his hand!
I thought--- -huh?- -did I really see that- -seemed impossible!

They then went through an array of stunts that made "around the world", "cradling the baby", and "walking the dog" seem very amateurish.

After that demo, every kid couldn't live without a Duncon yo-yo!

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