Re: Spinning Tops Games

11/14/18 - posted by Patrick F. Cunneen

During the late years of the Depression I lived in tranquil Santa Clara. Tops were a rage but we always played the game on dirt. The tops were always wood with either a “splitting or a rounded” tip. When my family relocated back to the City we played tops but on concrete or asphalt. It was a different game then playing on hard packed dirt. In Santa Clara marbles were far more popular and always played on dirt. The marble games were also played on dirt with a scratched or the traditional circle for one game. And the other game with five small dug holes. You went from hole to another. The 5th hole was poison. After making the first round one was allowed to make a hand span on the ground to continue on another round. Three rounds was a game. We played so often that some kids got Ringworm on their knuckles from the dirt contact it was said. On my return to the City we had to play on concrete or asphalt because there was no dirt only sand. Tops and marbles were never very popular in the Sunset I think for that reason.

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