Re: 1968, 50 years after the SF State Strike

12/09/18 - posted by Jim Heiser

In 1967 I was a Jr. at SF State and employed as a recreation director at Parkside Sq. in The City. I state this because it was a time of conflict not only on campus and in our Country, but because I enlisted was in the Navy Reserves & one of the dad's who volunteered to helped line the fields for football (touch) and softball and baseball, was a mounted SF Police Officer. I watched most of the protests and most of the engagements on the steps of the Library. Since I needed to be at work by 3pm, and my classes usually ended by 2pm, I didn't see all of the action and never once saw or smelled the use of gas. My major recollections centered on the reaction on campus when the news spread from mouth to mouth about Kent State. An the time Senator S.I.Hayakawa ripped the wires off the loudspeaker on a truck; I didn't see that either - but he became unpopular on campus, and earned a place in the US Senate where he later was known to sleep through sessions.

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