Re: 1968, 50 years after the SF State Strike

11/07/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Paul, Your descriptions of that day - that time - are so foreign to me and probably many others of 'my time' - which was 16 to 18 years before that time. I went to S F State - started at the old campus and ended at a combination of the building of the new and the moving from the old. And trying to imagine anything like you described going on at ANY school or collage at that time is beyond me.

So many things good and not so good started up in the very late '50s and early '60s and spread and grew at such a rapid pace. There were really worthwhile issues, but the methods of those pushing for them were so completely wrong - or so I thought. And I'm also thinking many of these were children of the GIs and veterans of the Navy and Marines who fought and survived World War II - maybe joined by others who were really radical

I did not like that time at all - still young, but just over 30 and 'not to be trusted' - we were doing our best to make ends meet and raise our children and celebrate the good things that were happening like the Space Race that was being followed all around the world, and trying to 'dig' the Rock and Roll music coming out of out radios and just living somewhat peaceful and calm lives. I was naive about a lot of things - remember Proposition 14, the neighborhood housing one? I actually went door to door supporting that and was greeted with cool politeness from my neighbors. Eye opening.

Enough said - not all was peace and love and rock and roll.

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