New Pics

10/18/18 - posted by Frank Dunnigan - dunnigan<at>

Many thanks to the WNP volunteers who are scanning literally thousands of donated San Francisco images and placing them online each month for FREE public access. The collection spans the pre-Civil War era to the present, and includes people, businesses, schools, transportation, construction, earthquakes, police and fire images, world fairs, and thousands of scenes of daily life taken over more than 150 years. A new batch of 315 images was just posted today--more than 4,500 new ones in just the past 3 months--for a total of 36,558 photos, which is only about one-third of the images donated by an anonymous collector. There are hundreds of new ones being added every couple of weeks, so set aside some time, and start scrolling--by Gallery, Neighborhood, Recent Additions, etc.:

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