03/06/22 - posted by jb
Thanks PJ,

I was always more of a Stone’s fan, feigning my excuse for musical taste with a broad base of sheer ignorance. The Blues are easy. Not to play as I discovered over 3 years of lessons😀, but rather to listen to and empathize. Truth be told, I listen for schadenfeunde since I always feel better after hearing about anyone having it worse than I at the moment.

The Beatles went so far beyond Blues and yet mastered it early in their Rock-N-Roll licks then returning for a brief visit with Yer’ Blues, a tune so raw you’d swear someone tossed acid on Howling Wolf’s face after a dry shave.

My only negative time with the Fab Four was when the White Album was co-opted by Charlie Manson et.al. I had just bought a new turntable in West Portal with an entire 2-week’s pay and scored the LP to break it in. I thought it dark at the time and wrote this off to my own drab existence and existential teenage pain. Guess Charlie heard it too.
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