01/05/22 - posted by Jo Anne Quinn
Thanks, Paul. You brought back a faded, old memory of mine!!
When the Beatles played at the Cow Palace, I was a Catholic high school girl. My parents would not let me attend.
Fortunately, a high school chum's uncle owned farmland at that time behind the Cow Palace. He told my friend that, after the concert was over, the group was going to use his dirt road to traverse over and through, and connect with other staff who would get them safely away. (If they had left via the Cow Palace exit, they would have been mobbed.)
The uncle gave my friend, and four other girl chums, including me, permission to drive her car about two miles up that road, park to one side, and - maybe- get to watch the Beatles pass through. His only rule was, "Behave yourselves, or you will hear from me - and so will your parents!!!"
After about an hour, lo, and behold, a big black limo came up the road! We jumped out of our car, stood respectfully by the side of the road and started waving like mad. The limo had tinted windows, so we could not see the occupants, but we kept smiling and waving.
As the limo passed, a back window rolled down, an occupant stuck his head out, and waved back!
We managed not to collectively faint!
From that day forward, George was always my favorite Beatle.
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