12/16/21 - posted by Paul Judge
On a recent rainy, blustery day Christy and I finished viewing Peter Jackson's remarkable assembly of the raw recorded material of the Beatles documentary, 'Get Back'.  Can't get over the emotional currents that ran through us as we watched this.  51 years dissolves and they (and we) once again are youthful.  Their creativity and trust even in moments as they fray and fret with one another are the essential elements of why they were so impactful.  

We're reminded how important they were in our young lives and how they influenced and reflected culture with their talent and abilities.  Their long friendship built and fortified their trust as artists and friends.  After the White Album in '68  the remaining Beatle albums carried for me less weight.  Yet forced for 8 hours or more listening to them grind out the tunes that constitute those last albums I fell in love with them again.  I didn't want the film to end because then they'd be over and done and I wasn't ready for that.

To achieve what they created took personal and collective effort.  In a world of cranks and negativity we hunger for excellence, integrity, honesty and the like.   We gravitate towards things done well, achieved by collaboration, made with pith and spiced with humor so as to not be taken too seriously.  Which is why it is a pleasure to witness talent, creativity, joy, teamwork and humility mixed well together.  Which is why I'm drawn to follow examples in sport such as the Warriors basketball team and enjoy the 2021 SF Giants or this documentary portraying trust, creativity, and talent.  It is no different than a refreshing drink of water in a parched landscape.

Here's a brief teaser from Peter Jackson of the documentary that premiered in November on the Disney Channel.

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