09/28/04 - posted by Mary Lou
I was in my early 20's in 1964, when the Beatles came to SF. None of us were able to get tickets, I don't remember why. But, we found out they were staying on the top floor of the Jack Tarr Hotel. That terrible looking, gawdy new hotel on VanNess Ave. So, down we went, about 5 of us girls crammed into one car. Found a place to park and then spend about 6 hours in the back parking lot of the hotel, looking up at the window of what we thought was their room.(Some hotel clerk had told us it was where they were staying). Every time we thought we saw the curtain move, we'd scream and get so excited. I think they finally told us to go away.
We still talk about almost getting to see The Beatles.
Mary Lou
PS, then there was the time we got to hear Johnny Mathis through the plumbing in the ladies room at the Venitian Hotel, spend 2 hours in there on the floor, but that's another story.
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