09/28/04 - posted by Cathlen
I was six years old and I got to see the Beatles at the Cow Palace. My Uncle was a very important man in the city, so we had four tickets.We had four great tickets, way up front.I also remember that there was alot of security at the front of the stage. I do not remember any of the warm up acts at all. I was so excited to be there, I must admit I was rather overwhelmed. I remember girls screeming and crying and screeming again. I remember alot of perfume and lipstick and combing of hair. Almost like if one of the four had made eye contact with any of the girls it would have been love at first site. Alot of primping going on.
I also remember being very disapointed that I could not hear one song, I held my hands over my ears the whole time because of all the screeming. At the time I was rather disapointed but now I know I was very lucky.
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