09/26/04 - posted by ken liss
I saw Sly and the Family Stone too, at Winterland around '69. My wife and I were way up near the front when Pacific Gas and Electric were playing. Then there was the long wait for Sly and the Family Stone to come on, which they were famous for doing back in those days. After about an hour and 15 minutes a big riot broke out in front of the stage and it was just a wave of fists flying and started moving all the crowd toward the back. There were seats on the floor level straight back from the stage and we ended up there. The band finally came on and started off with 'Thank you for letting me be myself'. It was so loud, and I'm no lightweight, seeing Hendrix there and Led Zeppelin and many other great shows, my wife and I went outside and stood on the street on the side of the auditorium with lots of other people and just hung out grooving to the music out there.
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