10/16/17 - posted by Shirley Krohn
I have lots of memories, but not sure these stories are what you are looking for. Let me start and see what happens. On the corner of 46th & Irving was the Busy Bee Market. A small neighborhood gem, as there weren't any markets close by at the time. This was in the late 40's. My mother would walk to the Market every single day to get dinner. We lived on 44th & Lincoln Way. Also, right across Irving St. was Sunset Poultry. An open delivery door on 46th Ave disclosed what was going on inside. Chickens...hundreds of them, screeching...waiting to be slaughtered. Once that happens, they become a display in the store with its entry on Irving St. Down Irving, next door to the Market was the Sunset Theater. I had my first job there in the early 50's. But my best memory is attending the Saturday matinee with my friend Pat. We would load up on "red hots" in our mouths and start laughing while watching a movie. We would end up spitting out these red hots in the middle of being hysterical. Such brats!!! Other memories would move over to Judah back in the day!!!
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