02/27/17 - posted by W.M.

I can only speak with 99.9% certainty about the Baronial and Different Bakeries on Taraval, both of who's cake boxes were definitely pink. In addition, they would tie them with string by winding it 3 times around in one direction, then after turning the box a quarter-turn, would the wind the string another 3 times around to create a criss-cross before tying it off with a double knot. This is memorable to me because I used to think that they did this to keep me from eating the cake, donuts, bear claws, etc, before I got it home.

But the string did allow me to easily carry the box home by using it as a "handle" of sorts. And I can still hear them telling me to be careful and not to swing my arms much during my walk home, especially when it was a whole cake inside the box.
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