09/28/04 - posted by Mary Lou
I spend my young years going to Surtro Baths to swim, in those old gray, one size fits all, suits. Then later, when the pools were closed I went there with a friend each Saturday morning while she took ice skating lessons. I would fall around the rink, hanging on to the sides most of the time. We'd scrape paint off the window and look down at the empty pools, or watch the waves break from the girls changing room windows. It was a wonderful old place. I was either too naive or too unaware, but I never saw anything like that going on. And we wandered all over the place many times. It burnt down the day I gave birth to my daughter at St. Mary's Hospital, 6/26/66. I asked the nurse about all the smoke I could see from the window and she said it was Sutro's burning. So sad, Like the Fox Theater, it was a very special place and a great loss to the City.
Mary Lou
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