01/20/17 - posted by jb
Wow...just landed back here and am blown away by all the responses. Cant wait for Mary-Ann and WM make like jelly and jam together ponding the skins and tickling the ivories.

John solved a mystery for me with Bowser. Seems there were a group of SI dudes who caddied at the SF club and had a gang called The Bowsers. They would stash, after beer, after buying up, at varius holes and drink up when they got there. Jay Hanson, Paul Roger, Boone Davis RIP and Joe Arnke RIP. They would say "er, er...drink up at #7' Bowser incognito heaven." Sadly most of them became alcoholics and died young.

Well, I'm going to split, go blow some weed, scarf some eats on a food trip, spin some platters then fall out and groove. Maybe even drop some antacid, given my age now.

Later gators.


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