01/16/17 - posted by Mary-Ann
Golly, Richard, you triggered a memory with 'Jeepers' - also with 'Jive Talk'.
I'm thinking of a movie - it may have been the black & white Seabiscuit story with Shirley Temple & Barry Fitzgerald?? But, Louis Armstrong was in it, worked with the horses or around the stables. He introduced the song,
"Jeepers, Creepers" - Where d'ja get those 'peepers' and
'Gosh-all-get-up' - how'd they get so lit up?...
'Golly-Gee,' when you turn those 'heaters' on,
Woe is me. Gotta put my 'cheaters' on. (dark glasses)
Oh those 'weepers', how they hypnotize, me.
Where d'ja get those eyes.

Loved Jazz and really dug Boogie Woogie piano (because I played) and rhythm & blues. Understood every word you wrote!
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