01/15/17 - posted by Richard
Jeepers, what a neat subject! Back in the early forties, anything that was especially good was neat, or keen, or grand, or a whiz, or far out or solid. In a 1942 magazine ad a young boy describes a Tootsie Roll as, “Super colossal for zingo.”
Jive talk was popular among young adults because it was groovy, and because older adults could not understand what was being said. Try this one out: “Dig me Jackson, I was beating my chops to this slick chick when a four claw sank his keyboard into my gam.” Translated: ”Hey, listen to me guy, I was talking to a real cute girl when a dog bit me in the leg.” Did you win a bet on this and make any dough, geetus, moola, mazooma, clams, or pocket lettuce?
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