Re: Best bear claw in the city - Tassajara Bakery?

01/11/17 - posted by Mary-Ann

Our bakery in the outer Richmond was the Sugar Bowl on Balboa between 37th and 38th. Bear claws were always my favorite 'coffee-go-with' and Sugar Bowl's were really good.

When I worked at Walt's Creamery, boss Sol had a standing order with them for bear claws, butterhorns and etc. for his Sunday after church customers.

And Paul - about Macy's - you should have made your problem known to an employee. All stores are getting extremely anxious to please their walk in customers. Shopping on line has become so popular, stores are losing their walk-ins and too many are closing down. (And I know - sometimes it's hard to find someone to help you 'cus of understaffing)

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